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tinathehuman asked: Hey, I tried looking for this but can you make a gif of cartman season 15 episode 1 where cartman goes on dr phil to discuss getting fucked by his mum


electric-cupcakes asked: Can you do one of Craig's monolouge in The Stick of Truth before you fight him?



I don’t know what the fuck part you’re talking about. I don’t recall a monologue by Craig before you fight him. Unless you mean the two or three sentences he says.

aquajewel101902 asked: I dont know if you did this already but can you make a gif when kenny dresses up as blanket and gets killed by mr. jefferson on S8E7?


mexicanwolf90 asked: Could you make one of Kane west when he's being interviewed by that guy who keeps telling him he's a gay fish

I guess.

South Park gifs here!
I do requests, just please make sure I have not already uploaded it.

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