antikirai asked: Here's my request: the part in "You Have 0 Friends" where Stan forces Kyle to tell him his status or he'll destroy his plants in Farmville


gryphonstars asked: If it hasn't been done ready could you make a gif of Stan using his balls as a hippity hop from the medicinal fried chicken ep?

You mean Randy and I already did.

heartadam asked: Would love a gif of Cartman doing the "whateva I do what I want!" Also anything Russel Crowe Related is cool I could ask for so much more and I love your work :)

Already did and already did.

notoriousspam asked: If you haven't already could you please do a gifset of George R R Martin telling everybody "Look at this weiner, judge it by its size, rub it three times and it has a surprise!" please and thank you. =D.

I guess.

sketchyyvun asked: I was just positive that it was in ome of the episodes too but I can't remember which one


damn-this-is-my-spacejam asked: Can you do the "I learned something today" at the end of Cartman Joins NAMBLA where the kids keep interjecting, shouting, "Dude, you have SEX. With CHILDREN."

Mmm hmm.

drowninginpixels asked: Can you do a side by side of when Cartman was abducted in s1 e1 and s7 e1?


averagemastermind asked: Can you make for either a compilation of cart man saying "tits" from Tooth Fairy Tats or the scene in "Rainforest Schmainforest" where Cartman ends with "Screw you guys, I'm going home" (your choice for whichever you'd prefer to do)?


ogatamon asked: Could we have the bit from the Walmart episode where Kyle breaks Cartman's violin? Including Cartman flipping Kyle the bird.


im-a-jew asked: Can you gif when Stan is drunk and calling Kyle a pice of shit then saying "I love you." (If you haven't already made it) ?

Already did.

apathetichandjobs asked: Please have my babies?


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