chickaling said: Can you do a gif of butters saying he'd rather be a crybaby than a goth from the episode raisins

Already did.

throughblooddirtandbone said: Hey, could you do the scene in Asspen S6 where Ike is doing the "pizza french fries" and goes through the ski lodge? Please and thank you :D


nicholeloveyou said: Can you please do the scene when Cartman and Kyle were speaking friendly to each other on "Assburgers," when they were working?

If you’re referring to when they were still calling each other names but smiling while doing so, then okay.

benet-dart said: Could you do a gif about when Mrs. Cartman finds Eric in the freezer in season 10 ep 12?

Mmm hmm.

k-o-colitis said: Can you please do the scene where chef gets selected for the suicide mission on the episode die hippie die.


darlingpoppet said: Can you do a gifset of the scene from Cartman Joins NAMBLA where the boys are trying to figure out what to do about their situation and then decide that Butters will have to "take one for the team"? TIA :)


zerog1 said: Gif set of Mecha-Streisand (2010) tearing up South Park

Ask, don’t command.

oddlyweird said: Could you please do the scene in Lil' Crime Stoppers when the boys are at the strip club, and Kenny is going "Pew pew", and Cartman says "No Kenny, it doesn't go 'pew pew', it goes BANG BANG." I'm paraphrasing a bit on it, but I would appreciate if you could do that little clip.


yogurt-yard said: chef goes nanners, wendy's dream sequence-- "say it will be like this forever" "okay it will be like this forever." (thanks)

Ask, don’t command.

woodulisten said: Can you do Ms. Ellen getting shot into the sun from tom's rhinoplasty please?


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